Attending SOCAP Customer Care Summit 2019

Topic: Events

Day one: We landed in Columbus and there was definitely a feeling of excitement.  The Blue Jackets were about to sweep the Lightning and SOCAPers arrived ready to share knowledge and hugs.  Most of the day was spent discussing how to extend the reach of SOCAP and announcing the new student program.  The Welcome Reception was a great time to reconnect with all of the SOCAPers we met at the annual meeting last year.  Afterwards, we were lucky enough to score some front row seats to the NWA Ring of Honor wrestling match featuring an awesome four corner survival match and a World Six-Man Tag Team Championship Match!
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Day Two: We attended the opening round table keynote where the attendees determined the topics that were discussed.  We had so many valuable conversations and made many new friends, including the CEO of SOCAP, Marjorie Bynum.  We had a great discussion on the growth of SOCAP and expanding digital content. 


Day Three: We attended more keynote sessions and classes throughout the day. The day came to a close with a sports themed dance party and an announcement that the Jackets swept the Lightning!  We thought we should join all the Blue Jackets fans and decided to celebrate at the Big Bang Piano bar.  Danny Shaw our COO had a chance to get on stage and play a song.  One of our biggest key takeaways from the event was the evolution of customer care through digital analytics.  

We are looking forward to the SOCAP Annual Conference which will take place October 20-23rd in Tucson, Arizona. Hope to see you there!

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