Enjoying the Views and Discussing Consumer Reviews: IRCE @ RetailX 2019

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Day One: Just one week after Salesforce Connections, we found ourselves back in McCormick Place, Chicago -- this time for Internet Retailers Conference  + Exhibit (IRCE) @ RetailX. This is the first year that IRCE joined forces with the massive brick and mortar conference, RetailX. Although the exhibit hall was huge, it was split up so each conference had separate sections within the conference space.  
The welcome reception began in the evening and lasted just over two hours. It was just long enough to say hello to our friends, partners, and meet new people.  We could not have been more happy about our booth's location -- directly across from the open bar! Experienced speakers and innovators from all backgrounds joined to exchange idea and business cards. Over 600 booths were spilling with swag and eCommerce related companies were eager to share their new technology solutions. 
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Day Two: Forward thinking executives with Brand Reputation at top of mind  kept our booth vibrant throughout the day. Marketers and customer service specialist alike expressed their need to include Reputation Studio in their customer experience model. Between sharing our mission and welcoming the curiosity of IRCE attendees, we explored the exhibit hall for inspiring technological advances. Once the exhibit hall closed, we made our way over to the Adler Planetarium for a happy hour hosted by our partners, Trustpilot, and an unbeatable view of the Chicago skyline. Later that evening we attended the epic Avalara party at Carnivale. As usual, their party was packed from room-to-room and the networking opportunities were endless. 

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Day Three: Our couches came in handy on the third day! With attendees suffering from tired feet, we enjoyed welcoming them into our booth's lounge for longer, more in depth conversations. We also loved seeing our new friends we met at the networking events as they stopped by our booth to say hello.

The gathered sentiment of this impressive conference was very motivational, we focused on joining forces with businesses who want to respond to negative online reviewers and make sense of scattered review data. With the power of Force.com, Reputation Studio is able to measure the customer’s sentiment and intent of each product review, then streamline it to the appropriate department. Marketing and Customer Service teams are able to cut their response time in half by responding directly through one central dashboard pertinent to their area of expertise.

We are looking forward to attending next year's IRCE, which will take place June 9-11th in Chicago. Hope to see you there!

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