How Cosmetics Companies Can Utilize Reviews

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Reviews and ratings are the “new currency” of commerce. Everyone relies on them for decision making. This is even more so in the beauty and cosmetics industry. What does this mean for you as a manufacturer of beauty products and cosmetics? 

It means reviews can either make or break your brand. More consumers are writing reviews about lotions, makeup, fragrances, beauty kits, hair products and much more on popular beauty directories. 

We’re talking everywhere from Fragrantica and Basenotes to Sephora and Amazon. Fragrantica’s 560,000 member strong community has over 880,000 fragrance reviews of over 56,000 perfumes. And that’s just one of the many fragrance communities. 

Makeup Alley has over 2.5 million beauty product reviews. TotalBeauty reaches over 3.5 million people every month. These are huge numbers. And these are the popular ones. 

There are the less popular thousands of Facebook groups and Reddit threads where consumers discuss all types of beauty products, and write reviews about their experience using specific cosmetic brands. It’s incredible, really.

This provides a huge opportunity that all cosmetic brands can take advantage of. Used correctly, these online reviews can be used to grow your brand, and increase sales. But, it has to be done strategically. 

But first, how do you find reviews and mentions of your brand and products? Let’s explore that in the next section.

How to Find Product Mentions

Tracking product and brand mentions manually is not just tedious, it’s almost impossible. You’ll have to scour the entire internet first, then track social media accounts and discussions. 

That level of sleuthing is just not possible. You have a business and a brand to run, so you’ll need to automate the entire process. Start by setting up Google Alerts. 

This tracks every mention of your brand name on the search engine, and notifies you either immediately or according to set parameters. You can set this for instant notification or daily, weekly and monthly alerts. We recommend instant, as that will help you get on top of any potentially bad PR nightmare online.  

You can also use tools like Reputation Studio’s Online Reputation Management tool or other tools to track every mention of your brand on social media, and on the search engines. Tools like this are automated to do everything from sentiment and intent analysis, so you know why they wrote that review, to review tracking and prioritizing. 

How Can Your Brand Use These Reviews to Your Advantage?  

1.  Useful as Testimonials

Reviews are powerful as testimonial materials. And because they’re genuine, they’re usually believable. Consumers also prefer these crowdsourced reviews because they typically ring true and are unbiased. 

They provide an objective perspective, which helps the intending buyer make an informed decision about the brand or product. Used correctly, this can be quite powerful and can communicate that your cosmetic line or products are amazing. 

2.  Improves Brand Perception

Most reviews online aren’t answered or replied by the average cosmetic line. In fact, it’s very rare to see cosmetic brands directly answering and replying online reviews. 

So, if you start interacting with your audience through their reviews, that single action automatically separates your brand from the others. This will do wonders for your brand perception. 

It’ll communicate that there’s a real human being running the brand. This is incredibly refreshing in an industry where purchases are largely impersonal and people have to take risks ordering cosmetic products online. 

Reply both the reviews where people liked and disliked your products. Appreciate those who write positive reviews, and see how you can appease those who are dissatisfied. 

Once people realize that you genuinely care about the result they get, it’ll produce incredible loyalty to your brand. This is how you build enduring cosmetic brands that’ll last 100+ years.  

3. Grow Business and Sales

Go interact on the platforms with the most reviews of your products. Pay attention to people with a lot of following and partner with major influencers and reviewers to drive more sales. You can offer some discounts on your cosmetic products for just that audience alone. 

You can send samples to really popular influencers and ask them to publish an unbiased review of your brand in return. And the best part is all these advertising will be considerably cheaper than regular ads. 

4.  Improve on Products 

Cosmetics are quite tricky because there are a lot of factors at play –personal aesthetic preferences and skin chemistry for example. 

So, chances are you’ll find mixed reviews. Use that feedback to develop even better cosmetic products for your customers. Pay attention to the demography and group of people who are getting great results from your products. 

For instance, if more Caucasian women over the age of 30 are getting great results from your lotion, you can research or reverse engineer the products and find out why that particular demography loves the lotion –as well as the active ingredients.

Then, improve on the product quality, and sell more to them. Online reviews offer a lot of insight into what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong. More importantly, they can open up new opportunities for product offerings you may not have thought of. Find out what those are, and make the necessary improvements so that your customers can be satisfied. 

5.  Great for Advertising

Online reviews are an incredibly powerful source of testimonials. It doesn’t get better than this. These reviews are raw, unfiltered, truthful and legit –this is very important in the cosmetic industry. You can simply take pictures of these reviews and put them on your website as part of your copy. 

Or, you can just embed them directly from the source (intending buyers can click through to verify the authenticity of those claims). Even better, you use them as part of the materials for your advertising campaign -think influencer marketing, sponsored posts on Instagram and Facebook. 

Want Help Managing Your Online Reviews and Reputation?

We can help. Reputation Studio offers an incredibly effective AI-powered enterprise online review and reputation management system that makes tracking all brand and product reviews easy. 

It consolidates all reviews into one place so you can view all of them at once in realtime, route the reviews to designated teams, and posts responses immediately. This way you can quickly get in front of potentially damaging negative reviews and fix them before they cause permanent damage to your brand. 


Amazon Impact of Online Reviews Best Practices